Sumeet Rohilla

With a Ph.D. in applied optics and image processing, one can consider Sumeet Rohilla as a scientist terraforming into a creative coder / technologist who appreciates the interlude between science and art.

juggling two lives in this universe – one of a professional design engineer / scientist and in other one aspiring to be an artist utilising sensor elements and programming for creative expression & fulfilment of unexplored progressive artistic vision(s).

Projects range from algorithmic static art, sensory interactive installations to audio-reactive simulations art.

The Gene Project
Sumeet: “Primary motivation for me to undertake this project was my reluctance and lack of interest in biology in my early years of education. However, during my masters studies, I had the opportunity to work on a mini project with the aim of studying the periodicities using Fourier analysis in human genome.
That was my first foray in biology-verse. One thing is clear – Human Genome database is massive!
Most of it might look random to an eye, but trust me collectively genes are the reasons we exist and traits we acquired from our parents. There is an order in chaos in-between all those basic building block know as Nucleotides.
As a first chapter in my creative coding journey, I make an attempt to bring forth my impression of the beauty that exists in gene sequences.”