Ioana Tamas

Her work is mostly figurative with an inclination towards the abstract. Combining the figurative with the abstract, alludes to a confusion between reality and illusion. It represents her personal research into human mind and body.

After many years of study and practice in ceramics, the last years she began to use more diverse materials and techniques like paper, textile, polyester, latex and photography. This helped her to improve the concept of her work.

Ioana: “I use my work to express myself, to communicate and bring awareness into certain subjects.”

“Mind in box” presents a collection of Polaroid photographs illustrating different mindsets and the mind at its most vulnerable state.

It is an extension to my ongoing project “The stories unheard”, a social project about mental health awareness.

For many of us is difficult to describe our inner experience with mental health issues especially to those that never had the same struggles.

So I imagined how it would feel to create this space in which we could experience one’s struggles with mental health and if that experience could help us understand each other better.

To strengthen the experience she chose the album “Mirages & Ondulations” by musician / composer, Pierre-Emmanuel Maréchal.

“Mirages & Ondulations” could be a soundtrack. That of a film, or a series of pictures, reflecting a strange world, in which a character would seek to give meaning to elements that do not have a special meaning… Recorded between August and December 2020, this album is the result of various experiments and other sound collages, highlighting different moods throughout the tracks.