Anniek Mol

I’m a documentary portrait photographer with a focus on personal stories.  I use those stories to bring attention to issues in society. The last few years I taught myself the antique camera technique of wet plate collodion photography. This allows me to add an historic element to my portraits as history is the backbone of every good story.

Women in Science|
150 years ago Aletta Jacobs was the first woman to be accepted into a Dutch University. Since then opportunities for women have vastly improved. We got voting rights and currently female students are in the majority at most Dutch Universities. But in science and tech the average is still only around 30% and in research even less. So there is still a long way to go.

The Women in Science project Highlights how far Women in Science have come, brings an Ode to modern day women who are still pioneers in a lot of work fields but also conveys the Message that there is still a long way to go. Women are in science but we haven’t reached equality yet. Imagine how much advancement and innovation could be achieved if it didn’t matter in what type of body a smart brain was born…