Niels Hoebers

Niels Hoebers, born in 1981, Horst, the Netherlands.Studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Where he Graduated in 2010 Cum laude with the stop motion animation Walter, a dialogue with the imagination.Directly after graduation he started his Stop motion animation Studio based in Eindhoven where he produces complete stop motion production from concept to final edit.Niels Hoebers’ work characterizes it’s selves by the wide variety of different materials he uses in his animations. The love and knowledge for these materials and their unique qualities ensure that the animations feel magical real. The creativity on with which he approach each and every project creates an unique alienation between reality and fiction.

The animations are executed in high-resolution and is therefore important that every detail, as in texture, form, light and composition deserves it’s focus.Hoebers background as a designer plays a major role in this.His empathic character ensures that he quickly understand a customer and can work according to their wishes. And through his years of experience he knows how to manage time, labour and quality in a project to be as efficient as possible. 

Slow Story
– Off the grid storytelling –

Slow stories, subtle stop motion animated scenes that explore the boundaries within Film, Art and Time. Video’s without a beginning or an end, edited in an infinite loop.

These animations are specially made to be played off grid, to contrast our daily online video consumption full of hyperactive eyecandy.

Slowstory aims to create a more intimate relation with it’s observer, letting them drift and imagine for a short period of time.